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We know how to Simplify clinical documentation,   improve patient experience.


Take charge of patient care with a complete suite of EMR applications. Access from anywhere

Our Electronic medical records software has features that improve clinical care while creating a more personal experience with patients. Designed to help care providers have information available when they want it and how they want it Integrated design to enable Different roles in your practice have theri own workflow

See BioYugam EMR in action!

BioYugamEMR is highly rated for a reason

We are aware of clicks and navigation – our smart design and workflow integration helps increase clinical quality, reduce costs, improve providers efficiency resulitng in patient satisfaction.

Smart & Intuitive Dashboard

Get a smart workflow based navigation. You have access to your schedule and prioritizing of items important and most critical. Panaromic view of your workschedule and patients you are caring for.

Integrated EMR- what does that mean

BioYugam EMR is an integrated platform which improves clinical care. Use the tools in the EMR to simplify workflow and make them efficient for all care teams. Complete patient information from anywhere using any device. You can both customize and personalize the highly configurable EMR

Yes, it has your schedule
Has a robust practice management offering

EMR in the cloud
Off-site storage, no need for you to have your own IT department and personnel

EMR with a CDS
Patient Safety is our guiding principle. One of the advantages of having this EMR will be the rules and protocols supported evidence based Clinical decision support system